*Kowloon Neon* Cap in Black


Limited 100 pieces


Kowloon Neon Cap in Black by HKNeonLite

名導王家衛的《重慶森林》、《墮落天使》中,經常以霓虹燈訴說着香港的黑夜、浪漫及不羈的美,寫下一個個屬於Home Kong的故事。



The neon light signs of Hong Kong come in all shapes and colours; it tells us the story of the city we call home. The use of neon signs in Hong Kong exploded in the 1950s-1980s as way of advertisement. From Wan Chai all the way down to Nathan Road, the streets were submerged with signs and no part of the city was left in the dark. 




100% Designed in Hong Kong.