#CROSSTHELINE Line Cap in Black


The Line Cap, designed by local Neon Artist @hkneonlite 

This collection was inspired by the Lion Rock Mountain Silhouette. The "line" represents Hong Kongers' "Lion Rock Spirit" 獅子山精神, which also represents our core value 香港核心價值. This spirit fuels the city. Hong Kongers carry this "can-do" attitude into every situation - which ultimately allowed us to achieve the great socio-economic success that transforms Hong Kong into what it is now. 


Courage is starting a line and figuring out where to draw the line. Carnaby Fair collaborated with Hong Kong Underground and local skateboarders to create a Subculture project. Thanks 明仔, 于朗, JFung, Paco our homies! Now let’s #CROSSTHELINE 


#LionRock #ItIsAHongKongThing #IYKYK #GOCAPYOURSELF 


100% Designed in Hong Kong.