Who are we – Carnaby Fair is a cap wear brand that combines Asian youth culture and streetwear fashion. We are a cultural collective that co-creates relevant products and experiences.

What we believe in – Hong Kong is a city at the epicenter of globalization, cultural diversity, and self-expression. We embody these values at Carnaby Fair and offer a platform to express individualities and differing personalities through street fashion, subcultures, and digital content. We truly believe aligning global digital footprints and culture can connect us as a whole. 

Why Carnaby Fair? – "Carnaby Fair" was inspired by our experiences in London. We were completely blown away by the great diversity of different cultures, and individual expressions in London. London’s Carnaby Street is trendy and established but also ever-adapting through time and change. These are the same characteristics we want to capture for Carnaby Fair, a platform where we are at the forefront of fashion but are open to new and alternative ideas.