Who are we – Carnaby Fair is creative collective that is deeply rooted in Hong Kong culture. Blending art, design, culture and fashion, we have been fostering an active cultural community in Hong Kong with a diverse network of creators.

Our creative platform connects and provides a stage for local creatives. We express our objectives via art shows, design concepts, collectible products, fashion showcases, and cultural experiences. and have stayed true to the important ethos of being unapologetically authentic throughout the years.

Through our creative initiatives as a Hong Kong-based subculture collective, we define what it means to be contemporary. Together, we create, cultivate and connect.

Inspired by the avant-garde culture of Carnaby Street in London, CARNABY FAIR was founded in 2016 with a simple aspiration: make Hong Kong cool.


CARNABY FAIR於 2016 年受倫敦卡納比街的前衛文化所啟發而成立,其願景很簡單:令香港變得更酷。我們是一個紥根於香港的文化創意團體,多年來一直堅守「無愧於真實」這個重要精神。