Men’s Guide to Different Head Wear (Street Version)

Steve Ng @ 2017-02-14 23:05:47 +0800
Head wear is definitely the most fashionable and noticeable accessory for men.  There is always a special style of headwear suitable for any occasion or outfit.   The trend in Hong Kong generally leans towards casually wearing baseball caps with street style clothing, but there are actually a lot more different ways to mix and match your headwear and your outfit.

Colin Farrell here shows us the perfect example of smart casual with his dark trilby over his short haircut with long covering hair.  For people with long, thin faces, you guys are the lucky bunch.  The shape of your face would allow you to fit almost any type of head wear.  However, you would like to avoid anything that lengthen your face, meaning that high, tall head wear should be on your ‘no’ list. 

How can we leave out Bruno when it comes to hats?  Besides his beautiful signing and charismatic live performances, Bruno Mars is known as a man with many hats!  Here he is, rocking the fedora hats with a leopard print shirt and black jacket, taking over the spotlight.  If the shirt is too fancy for your tasting, try matching it with a white dress shirt and there you go, the perfect party outfit for your Friday nights!
Beanie is also another good option for your casual day out.  Above is David Beckham looking cool and chilled in his navy beanie and light blue denim shirt. 

Caps are perfect for your lazy days, or if you are Ashton Kutcher, they are also perfect for occasions like the CTIA conferences where you discuss about mobile intelligence with thousands of people.