Out Of The Dark Dad Cap in Black


Limited 100 pieces


Out Of The Dark Dad Cap in Black

回魂夜炸彈 OUT OF THE DARK, designed by Yanise Lai.




⁠This collection was inspired by a series of classic Hong Kong films - our Out of the Dark Cap (available in black) was specifically inspired by Out Of The Dark 回魂夜, 1995. ⁠⁠
Out Of The Dark by Jeffrey Lau is a story about a mental patient/ghostbuster, who is a parody of the character Léon from the 1994 French film - The Professional. He teams up with a crazy, love torn girl named Kwan. The pair are then joined by a brigade of quirky security guards to get rid of the evil lurking in a haunted apartment building in Hong Kong 👻⁠⁠

100% Designed in Hong Kong.