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Make Hong Kong Cool Again Cap in Black


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Carnaby fair要感謝所有代表香港隊參加#TokyoOlympic2020 參賽者。 對於香港人嚟講,依個係一個真正值得驕傲同埋紀念既時刻。 我哋都好肯定學到一件事既就係,偉大既體育精神勝過所有批評。 我哋都為你加油,多謝你用你既獅子山精神再次激勵年輕人。

Carnaby Fair would like to thank all the champions representing Hong Kong team at the #TokyoOlympic2020. A truly proud and monumental moment for the Hong Kong people. One thing we all learned for sure, a great sportsmanship outweighs all criticism. We’re all rooting for you, thank you for inspiring the youth again with your 獅子山精神. ⁠

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#NeverSayNever #MakeHongKongCoolAgain