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Empty Of hoodie (Navy)

Empty Of hoodie (Navy)



Empty of __ 就是低調而不平凡的我們

「無文」Empty of __ 以低調樸實風格作定位的本地小眾品牌,以生活機能為設計重心





Empty of __ is our subtle but remarkable selves.

「無文」Empty of __ is a local business founded on the concepts of subtlety and simplicity, placing daily functionality as the core of our designs.

Observing the relationship of urbanites and urban-living, we inject the concepts of urban-living into everyday fashion.

Finding a balance between practicality and beauty in our pockets, we reject the needless and retain clean shapes in our designs.

With high-quality materials we create durable, versatile, high-quality clothing that feature the wearer’s personality.