5 Aces Dad Cap in Black




五條煙 5 CIGARETTES, designed by Yanise Lai.⁠⁠

This cap collection was inspired by a series of classic Hong Kong films. Our Five Cigarettes Dad Cap (available in black and navy) was specifically inspired by God of Gamblers II 賭俠, 1990. ⁠⁠
In this film, down on his luck, Sing seeks out the God of Gamblers in hopes of becoming his disciple. Unfortunately, the God of Gamblers is unreachable and out of the country, last heard to be in Brazil. Michael Chan, the Knight of Gamblers, replaces the God of Gamblers. During phony attempts to impersonate the Knight of Gamblers, it's up to the real Knight and Saint of Gamblers to team up and defeat their formidable challenger 🚬⁠⁠

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100% Designed in Hong Kong.