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Why Carnaby? All About Carnaby Street in London

Posted by Kay Lee on

Forming a historic part of London's culture and nightlife scene, Carnaby Street (and its surrounding roads) has seen its share of London Town's mischief. Deriving its name from Karnaby House, which was built in 1683, it has since developed into a famous street crawling with food, nightlife and a world-class shopping experience. Located in London's West End, it was the birthplace of the Swinging 60's in London, where the Beatles and the Rolling Stones came to get their clothes at 'His Clothes', and was a regular spot for style icon Brigitte Bardot. Legend suggests that Paul McCartney met his first wife, Linda Eastman, at Bag O'Nails Club at Kingly Street, adjacent to Carnaby Street. One of the most iconic music...

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Carnaby Fair『90後』香港限定Cap帽

Posted by Alice Kwok on

買咩cap帽?本地潮牌 Carnaby Fair x Yanise Lai 的「90後」香港Cap帽系列,設計靈感來自周星馳的電影,是十分適合香港年輕人及各位Ching戴的帽。由香港Hip Hop組合「米奇老味神奇屋 The Low Mays」代言,獲不少明星及KOL支持。黑色和深藍色的「五條煙」、黑色的「回魂夜」和白色的「好好耶」現以登陸六間「 住好啲 G.O.D」店鋪,配合潮流之如價錢平民化,每頂港幣$280。

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