#HatGameStrong LFWM Top Street Style 2017

Carnaby Fair @ 2017-01-18 03:52:21 +0800

Last week was the end of London Fashion Week Men's 2017.
We knew we were about to see a mix of product on the catwalks,
but there were exceptions; exquisite unforeseen pieces were on the streets
and it was exploding with style!
The selected designers and participants raise the bar and really played their fashion game well,
so let's kick-start and see what Street Fashion 2017 have got in store for us!  

Camp Cap is Back! Spotted, layered by a pimped hoodie and a typographic scarf,
the brass copper Camp Cap is like the cherry on top! 

Who doesn't like to be the champ of the Gentlemen's Club.
80's inspired Hamburger badged blazer paired with a matching Trillby Hat- this is one of a Lad!  

Bring back Eleven!
'Stranger Things' is one of the best television series in 2016,
for sure it deserved an appearance at the London Fashion Week.  

We will forever love the classic swag,
the original gangster style will always be original.  

Continue Bringing On the baseball caps!
Ball caps have been the leading role throughout whole of 2016,
with the great influence of many street fashion icons such as Kanye West,
Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell, JB and A$AP; so it's no surprise it continued to roll.