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Bring back the happy shades! Trend101: Coloured Sunglasses

Posted by Carnaby Fair on

Remember those days when head to toe stripes and full denim was a big deal? Of course, it was just last year... well the 70s rejoice are not stopping yet because the fashion giants are bringing it back AGAIN, on an even more flamboyant scale! This time huge on the accessories scene to bright things up… well to the eyes at least!

Do you remember those warm orange, sunglasses of the 70s, and red, heart-shaped sunglasses pairs from kid’s wear we ALL used to wear (or our parents loved to dress us up with...) Well, guess what? Coloured, retro shades are firmly back around for spring/summer 2017, not kidding we spotted the micro trend making a huge way round this year's Fashion Week - with mellow yellow sunglasses coming out on top!

The retro item has been receiving a serious comeback: let’s just name it the 70s-haute couture because you technically see it in every catwalk show now. Even our home boy Wong Kar Wai featured a few funky frames in his best work; ChungKing Express indicating these tinted sunglasses were never out of trend!

What are we saying? You should wear yellow sunglasses from dawn till way after dark! Plus, the beauty of tinted lenses is that it's so funky you can wear them indoor and out! Step into a real-life Instagram filtered world with Carnaby giving a head start.

What a fun way to hippie up your summer, are you ready to peace out and be young, wild and free again?

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