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Coachella to The Quarter Year Review (Street Wear Trend 2017)

Posted by Kay Lee on

As we approach May, we take this time to review the past few months in men & women's street wear, and have a look at what the year so far has had to offer us, and how we should start dressing come spring/summer. 

1. Bralettes

Just when you thought we had left the bralette in 2016 (this writer was fairly certain we'd left it in 2015), its come back with full force to dictate all aspects of our lives: Alexander Wang was showing bralettes in the place of tank tops or simple t-shirts under jackets or shirts, and Miu Miu had them draped over spring-ready outfits. Lace bralettes are coming back as tops under blazers or see-through shirts, and has been given the model stamp of approval.

2. High-fashion inspired streetwear

There is no doubt that as a result of high-profile collaborations between fashion houses and streetwear brands, such as LV x Supreme there are going to be a lot of young people wearing military-inspired caps and gear with the iconic logo.

Vetements: S/S 2017 

3. Off-the-Shoulder 

Off-the-shoulder is still going strong, and this year, it seems thats its returned with all sorts of patterns. J-Crew in particular are selling it hard. It also helps that these are super wearable while also being style friendly. Designer Han Chong has also presented a fresh new take on how to give someone the cold shoulder.



 4. something Leisure

For a long time, we ran with athleisure. Its now come to the point where we work with it. Like the high-fashion inspired streetwear, some are touting it as a fashion's return to form, with style meeting them somewhere in between. Brands such as ADAY, which a few months ago launched a capsule collection for day- to- gym wearable pieces, are helping us jump from the boardroom to the gym as efficiently as possible.


 5. Logos and Slogans

In keeping with the high fashion inspired streetwear, logos and slogans are coming back louder than ever. You can make a political stand with this "We Should All Be Feminists" collection from Dior (proceeds benefit a charity- whats not to love), and Stella McCartney also has her say on the state of creating fashion today. 



6. Crocs 

Now, for one that not as many people are on board with but Christopher Kane seems to really believe in. Crocs are back, accessories, holes and all. They're also coming back with fur. If you want to give this trend a go, have a look at the collection in all its earth-toned glory. 


7. Back to Bag

And now, just one for the boys- satches are making a comeback this year for all your utility and style needs. Classic styles and brands such as the Cambridge Satchel Company  and even Mismo have created workable, GQ-ready satchels. For those of you who want a more rugged-outdoorsy-I'm-a-Bear-Grylls-banker look, this organic canvas bag will help you stay forest and office ready.



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